Why, cPanel Emails Going To Spam? How To Fix It?
121 views · Jan 19, 2022
Why are cPanel Emails Going to Spam? and sometimes even recipients do not receive the email from that created on cPanel based hosting. In this video, I am showed you how to fix the issue. 
In cPanel probably the main reason will be the DNS entry, like SPF and DKIM, but in some cases, it would be different. Cause, emails are going to spam box, for not just one reason. 
If your hosting IP address has a bad reputation, bad engagement, and server misconfiguration then, most probably your emails will be squashed by spam filters.
Solution for "Email Going to Spam" - 
1. Properly Configures Server and DNS
2. Allow port 25
3. Use dedicated IP for emails
4. Don't send emails to invalid accounts (Reduce Bounce Rate)
5. Increase Engagement
6. Use best Hosting Like ChemiCloud, Hostinger, or HostGator

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