The Ultimate Guide for Bloggers to Rewrite Old Blog Posts

As a blogger, freelancer, teacher, student, and webmaster, you are well aware that content is the key to success in content marketing for online rewriters. 

If you are re-writing a blog post, you need to ask yourself why you are searching for an online rewriter. Most of you do so because you want to beat your competitors in terms of length and the latest information to update your reader. 

To make this happen, this article will be the ultimate guide for bloggers to rewrite their old blog posts within the blink of an eye. We will discuss five online rewriter tools that will grab your reader’s attention on your site right from first sight. 

There are 5 rewriter tools that we are sharing with you in this article. These are:

  1. Prepostseo Article rewriter
  3. Article Rewriter Tool
  4. Spinbot Article Rewriter
  5. Rewriter Tool

These tools restate your old blog posts into new ones using plagiarism-free sources and trendy vocabulary. We shall explain all these with the help of screenshots for practical. Let’s check it out!

How to rewrite your old blog posts using Prepostseo Article Rewriter?

Prepostseo Sentence rewriter is one of the fundamental magical article rewriters. It will help you to rewrite your old blog post in the most valuable way to regain your ranking.

Content Rewriting Steps:

There are simple steps to follow to rewrite your old blog post using Prepostseo Article Rewriter:

prepost seo article spinner
  • Click rewrite article.
  • Get vintage and demanding content in the paraphrased content.
prepostseo article spinner results

Rewrite Articles using “Plagiarisma.Net.” is 2nd best tool that will give you unlimited free access to rewrite your old blog post.

Content Rewriting Steps:

  • Go to
  • Copy-paste your content into the input box
plagiarisma-net article spinner
  • Click rewrite article
  • Select all and paste into your file.
plagiarisma-net article spinner result

Rewrite Articles using the “Article rewriter tool.”

The article rewriter tool is 3rd best-considered sentence rewriter.

Content Rewriting Steps:

Steps to follow Article rewriter tool to rewrite old blog post:

  • Open the main page of the tool
  • Copy-paste your content into the input box
article rewriter tools
  • Click I am not a robot.
  • Tick also spin captured words and add words that you want Article rewriter in the bar that says
  • ignore words containing
article rewriting tools article spinner
  • Press rewrite text
  • Finally, you will get your final rewritten content within seconds.
article rewriter tools results

Rewrite Articles using the “Spinbot Article rewriter.”

Spinbot article rewriter is the 4th tool that we shall recommend to you as an ultimate guide to rewriting your old blog post.

Content Rewriting Steps:

  • Visit
  • Enter your text to rewrite the input box
spinbot article spinner
  • Fill in the box
  • Ignore any 
  • And tick I am not a robot
  • Spin capitalized words
spinbot article spinner bot verification
  • Rewritten text will be finally in front of you.
spinbot article spinner results

Rewrite Articles using the “Rewriter Tools.”

The Rewriter tool is the last and 5th one to rewrite old blog posts.

Content Rewriting Steps:

  • Go to rewriter tools 
  • Paste copied content in the input box
  • Click rewrite
Rewriter Tool Article Spinner
  • It will start processing your content.
  • It will give you rewrite suggestions.
Rewriter Tool Article Spinner
  • And after clicking the next and final step, you shall be facilitated with unique content.
Rewriter Tool Article Spinner

Benefits of Using All Online Rewriter Tools to Rewrite Old Blog Posts

These 5 online rewriter tools as an ultimate guide to rewriting your old blog post will monitor you to rewrite:

  • Niche Relevance: These tools help you re-writing the right content.
  • Objective Value: To make you think from a broader perspective by offering you a variety of words.
  • Valuable Information: Online rewriter tools put more helpful information in your content.
  • An Outline That Includes Your Sources And Common Points: To pay close intention to what your content has in common with comparing it with other sources.
  • Old Blog Post Structure: It will produce a more substantial impact on your target audience, collecting new data in your content.
  • Call Your Reader Action at The End of Every Point: To make your old blog engaging. The point to ponder here is to engage them on your site as engaging as possible. So they do not bounce off your page.
  • Keywords to Update Your Posts: It will help you update your keywords to bounce up your post.
  • Information That Sounds like Your Original Voice: Converts your old blog into information that sounds like your original voice
  • Your Content Is Plagiarism-Free: Spin rewriter tools present your blog as plagiarism-free.

To conclude, we shall recommend you revise your content until satisfied constantly. Re-check your blog after rewriting these questions:

  • Are you among those bloggers who want to get more value out of their blog?
  • Why do I rewrite old blog posts?
  • What are the authentic tools to rewrite a catchy blog?
  • How do I avoid outdated research results?
  • Is it beneficial to rewrite old blog posts?
  • Does your blog build an internal network link to keep a reader on your site for longer?
  • Do people share it further? 
  • Is there any measured value of your content that may be in the form of comments? 
  • What are the points to improve in this blog?
  •  Are there any ambiguous terms that you are using that world cause difficulty for the reader to understand? 

These tools shall build a network of internal links that will keep your reader on your site for longer, for sure.

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