Exact Match Domain, Still worth it in 2021?

Exact match domains have a direct connection with SEOs. Most have questions about EMD’s still working in 2021?

So this question answer we will explain quite below in this article. Exact match domains or EMD’s are known as the similar domain name of other URLs. We can also say EMD is that consist of the keyword of a particular domain name or URL.

How Exact Match Domain Work

If you did some research or simply search on Google about any particular keyword or term then you saw the results. There will be some similar domain names. In EMD there is a simple hack just buy a similar domain name of a URL that is already ranked on Google or SEO optimized.

emd examples on google

You can see in the image above. I have searched on Google “ncert books” and there Google shows some results first one was the Official website of “Ncert Books” and the second one was a similar domain name includes the “NCERT” keyword. In simple word Exact match domain or EMD.

Easy to Rank EMD’s

Exact match domain is easy to rank on Google search just you need some SEO works and good Content on your website similar to other ranked sites. But mind that doesn’t copy anything form already ranked site.

For SEOs, you need to customize your website with proper navigations, legal pages, and good content with proper all tags. After generating your website’s sitemap and submit to all search console webmasters like Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster, Pinterest, and Yandex Webmaster. Read how to SEO and rank on Google?

Don’t be a hurry for ranking because SEO isn’t any kind of superfast process so keep patients and create great content and do little to little SEO works. After some time you will get the results when you will see the spikes on your Analytics Dashboard. Read how to records analytics of the website?

Lots of Organic Traffic on EMD’s

If you purchased an EMD or Exact Match Domain then you can get lots of Organic Traffics. But you need to do proper SEO and publish genuine and great content. I hope you also heard about SEO’s “Content is King”. Google has launched an update about EMD in September 2012 since EMD placed down in the SERPs. We will talk about the Google EMD Policy update below. Now, how to derive Organic traffic on the Exact Match Domain website, then you should mind some points about it.

  • Don’t use the EMD website for spam tactics.
  • Don’t manipulate your visitors
  • Don’t use any kind of Black Hat SEO

If you want to buy an Exact Match Domain then we suggest you buy Exact Match Keyword Domain rather than an EMD or Similar Domain. This Exact Match Keyword Domain is quite a bit different than EMD.

How to Find Exact Match Keyword Domain

You want to find Exact Match Keyword Domain, then you need to do some analysis and need to determine your exact niche. There is plenty of tools for keyword research some are paid and some are free with limitation but Google has their keyword research tools on Google Ads Dashboard and Google Trend Page. You can use one of them. In this article, we are using Moz Keyword Explorer. We search for this “best deals online shopping” keyword on Moz.

Search Keyword on Moz

word image 1 -

We search our keyword on Moz keyword explorer and we got the result. You can see the image above. You can see Monthly Volume 1.7k-2.9k visitors and Difficulty and Organic Click-through Rate.

You will also get “Keyword Suggestions

word image 2 -

Find Domain Availability

After selecting the specific keyword and search on Namecheap Domain Search. We saw the keyword strength and relevancy monthly volume. Our selected keyword is “best deals online shopping”. So we search this keyword on the search tool. We suggest you select.Com or .Net domain for your web site. This type of TLD has a great SEO impact.

word image 3 -

Google Policy Update for Exact Match Domain

So, now we are going to explain Google what Policy updated in the past.

word image 4 -

According to MOZ and their data set of 1000 SERPs, about 40 EMDs fell out of the top 10 rankings. But MOZ was not sure about that, is a domain lost ranking due to the algorithm changes or internal factors. But after they analyze and see that most of the exact match domains go down in the rank cause of algorithm changes and some of the domains for their internal factors.

Benefits of EMD

If your domain is not for any kind of spam tactics then you will get lots of benefits like better ranking and maximum organic traffics and more.

If your website has thin content they will rank or not, there is no guarantee. So if you have an exact match domain then you should publish great and relevant content. There is one other big benefit if you have purchased an EMD similar to a well-known brand then you can sell them your domain at a huge price. Other hands you have to publish relevant content and derive organic traffic and generate money from them.

Problems with EMD

Since Google updated its policy for the exact match domain, there are some issues with ranking on Google. You can see some positive and negative points of the Exact Match Domain. So before buying an EMD please consider these points.

emd problems
source: moz.com


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