ChemiCloud Review – Long Term Usage Report

ChemiCloud is a cloud web hosting platform, where you can buy domains and host websites. In this article, I am going to share ChemiCloud WordPress Hosting Review and some opinions about other services that avail on the platform.

ChemiCloud claims good things about their services, and I purchased their WordPress hosting last year in August, which I am still using to host my websites.

So, I thought it is time to share the crucial insight about ChemiCloud and how much their claims are correct we are going to know right away in this article.

You are probably thinking about why I am the right guy to review their services?

ChemiCloud Hosting Invoice
ChemiCloud Invoice

As you can see in the invoice image above, I purchased WordPress Turbo hosting plan from ChemiCloud, in August 2021 (The date also mentioned in the invoice and the dashboard image in the article).

After purchasing the hosting, I created one of the niche sites on this platform and even tested over 5 different websites some are migrated, and some are built from scratch, and I observed insight about ChemiCloud which I will share one by one.

About ChemiCloud

ChemiCloud is an American hosting company based in Delaware, U.S.A, providing several types of cloud-based web hosting, domain registration, security services, and marketing services.

The hosting platform is built on top of Linode Cloud and provides Shared, VPS, Reseller, and Dedicated Hosting services. Security services, ChemiCloud provides Business or Enterprise level validation or EVSSL certification and Cloudflare for network security.

Overall Impression

Ease of Access⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

ChemiCloud Basic Overview

Hosting TypeShared, VPS, Reseller, & Dedicated (Based on Cloud)
Data Centres11 Datacenters (America-4, Europe-3, Australia-1, Aisa-3)
SecurityCloudflare WAF, SSL Certificates, ChemiCloud DDoS protection, CDN
Service Uptime99.99% (According to ChemiCloud)
Customer Support24*7 Live Chat Support
FeaturescPanel control panel, LiteSpeed web server, Drag and Drop Site Builder, 400+ CMS applications, Free Migration, Free Lifetime domain,, and Cloudflare CDN, SSH Access, Auto Backups, Object Caching, Premium DNS
Add-ons featuresBusiness-grade SSL, Email services, SiteLock Security, and SEO tools.
Developer ToolsLatest PHP 8.0, MariaDB 10.x, Perl, Python, Laravel, PHP Pear, Node.js, Git integration
Refund policy45-day full refund policy
PricingStart at $9.95 $2.99 (70% OFF)

ChemiCloud User Experience

ChemiCloud has a very minimal and clutter-free user interface, and when you logged in to the dashboard you will see the active services, domains, unpaid invoices, credits, etc. In the active services, you can see your currently active hosting plan and remaining validity.

ChemiCloud Dashboard
ChemiCloud Dashboard

In the left sidebar, you will find Services, Domains, Billing, Support, and Add-ons links, by clicking them you can navigate to each section.

From this dashboard you can directly login to the cPanel dashboard, change your password, log in to the affiliate dashboard, and order new services like domain, hosting, and other services.

cPanel Dashboard Screenshot
cPanel Dashboard

The control panel is the traditional cPanel, so if you are using it for the first time, then you will be easily used to it. Managing domains, websites, and configurations on ChemiCloud is also quite easy compared to other hosting providers.

ChemiCloud Hosting Performance

To check ChemiCloud hosting performance, I created three WordPress websites (Listed below) and gathered their Speed test, Uptime, and Server load and ping time results. All tests are taken in various environments and specifications.

Speed Test

For the speed test, I created three WordPress websites under the same domain as I told you earlier, and the sites are here, you can visit:

  • (Functional WooCommerce Website)
  • (Optimized with WP Rocket)
  • (Optimized with LSCache)

These three websites have different configurations and the final speed test results are also different from each other. For the speed test, I used the Google Page Speed Insight tool, and this is the tool Google used to measure Core Web Vitals.

WooCommerce Site:

This site is a properly functional WooCommerce website, and I installed all required plugins and themes for that. I used Astra theme and plugins like WooCommerce, Jetpack, Elementor, CartFlows, and Payment gateway plugins to integrate with WooCommerce.

For the speed test, I used the free plugin LSCache plugin and WP Rocket, and the results are different for each plugin optimization.

WoCommerce with LSCache
WooCommerce Site Optimized with LSCache

In the above image, it was the result of the WooCommerce website speed test with LSCache optimized and the results were not so good. For Core Web Vitals based on three measurement aspects Large Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS), and this test results all aspects are failing.

WooCommerce with WP Rocket
WooCommerce Site Optimized with WP Rocket

After optimizing the WooCommerce site with WP Rocket, the performance increased a little bit, but still not good for passing to Core Web Vitals. The site is currently optimized with WP Rocket, and you can visit and test yourself to check the result.

Desktop speed results are good in both cases, but I think if we customize the WooCommerce website by choosing the correct theme and plugins and tweaking properly then the results could be improved.

WordPress Website Optimized with WP Rocket:

For this particular website, I used the subdomain of the main site and installed WordPress. For customization and speed optimization, I installed the GeneratPress premium theme and WP Rocket plugin, respectively.

ChemiCloud WordPress Site with WP Rocket 1
WordPress Website Speed Test (WP Rocket Not Optimized)

What did I do first? Activated the premium theme and Installed demo site (premade template), and then took the first speed test without WP Rocket optimization.

ChemiCloud WordPress Site with WP Rocket 2
WordPress Website Speed Test (WP Rocket Optimized)

Afterward, I optimized WP Rocket enabled page optimization, caching, image optimization, etc. Then I took the second speed test, and you can see the exact results in the image above.

Not much difference between the first test and the second test. In the speed test results, the main optimization opportunity was to optimize images.

WordPress Website Optimized with LSCache:

I also created a separate website with the same GeneratePress premium theme, but for speed optimization, I used the LiteSpeed Cache plugin, which is free and open source.

ChemiCloud WordPress Site with LSCache 1
WordPress Website Speed Test (LSCache Not Optimized)

I took two-speed tests; the same way as earlier did with WP Rocket. First installed the same demo site and then, took the first test without LSCache optimization.

ChemiCloud WordPress Site with LSCache 2
WordPress Website Speed Test (LSCache Optimized)

After optimizing the LSCache plugin and then taking the second test, the results were far better than any other test results.

ChemiCloud hosting is based on the LiteSpeed webserver and with the LiteSpeed Cache plugin, the website performs well and better compared to the WP Rocket.

But the configuration of the LiteSpeed cache plugin is not so easy as WP Rocket, even WP Rocket performs better on the WooCommerce website.

So, the conclusion is that, if you want to create a blog, corporate, or portfolio website, then ChemiCloud is a good option considering the performance.


ChemiCloud claims up to 99.98% of the uptime guarantee, and I recorded the uptime records using Utimerobot from December 10, 2021, to now, and you can see the result on the image above. The uptime I was got up to 100% and the frequency of reporting is 10 minutes intervals. Perhaps you can Checkout the actual uptime report on Uptimerobot.

ChemiCloud Uptime Report by Uptimerobot
Uptimerobot Report

I purchased a hosting plan way before the recording of uptime of this ( website. I was testing with other sites which I was hosted on the ChemiCloud hosting.

Looking at the uptime records is great, and you know there are two reasons for getting server downtime, and any of them did not happen to me.

So, what are the reasons to get server downtime? In the first scenario, your site getting a heavy traffic load or users exceeds the I/O limits, and the second scenario is the origin server is down for any technical fault.

Surprisingly, ChemiCloud well performed in both scenarios, well how? I tested Server load testing and even the server Input and Output test.

Server Load Test by

Server load is an important part of your website. Most hosting providers claim that they provide the best affordable hosting plans with a server uptime rate of 99% or sometimes 100% but when the actual scenario comes like instantaneous 10k visitors in just one minute and then the server goes frozen or shows error 503 or 504.

So, measuring to ChemiCloud hosting server I took two load tests, one with a Cloudflare proxy and the second one without the Cloudflare proxy. For both tests, the configuration was the same except for one with Cloudflare and another one without it. For the configuration, the response counts were set to 10000 for 1 minute of the test.

ChemiCloud Server Load Test with Cloudflare Proxy
ChemiCloud Server Load Test with Cloudflare Proxy

Above the images is showing the ChemiCloud hosting first server load testing and you can see the average response time that is 61 milliseconds, and the bandwidth received (Download) ~1GB.

ChemiCloud Server Load Test without Cloudflare Proxy
ChemiCloud Server Load Test without Cloudflare Proxy

Similarly, we test again, but this time I disable the Cloudflare proxy and run the test again this time average response time was about 50% less and that was 34 milliseconds, but the bandwidth usage got increased by double about 2GB.

ChemiCloud does not restrict bandwidth limits so you can host websites without CDN or with CDN does not affect. If your website has a global audience, then I highly recommend using a CDN platform like Cloudflare or StackPath. Cloudflare is an official partner of ChemiCloud.

CDN services improve your website’s overall performance, if you do not use then the site will perform well in your home region (where you hosted). So, you must use at least a free Cloudflare CDN, check out how to configure Cloudflare CDN properly.


Caching is also a factor to improve website speed performance. ChemiCloud uses the latest web server based on LiteSpeed technology. Performance-wise LiteSpeed is far better than the Apache webserver.

LiteSpeed also has features like server-side caching to improve website performance and an open-source plugin for WordPress websites.

Server-Side Caching

LiteSpeed Server Side Caching

ChemiCloud uses the LiteSpeed webserver, and it has server-side caching features. When clients (visitors) visit the website the first time, content got pulled from the origin server, because there is no cached content.

So, the server will take a snapshot and store it in the caching server. When a visitor visits the website again the content is served from caching server, and it loads much faster than earlier.

Object Caching

How Caching Works, Object Caching

ChemiCloud hosting also has features like Redis and Memcached Object caching, it improves the website performance by reducing MySQL database query requests. Check out more about Redis Object Caching and how to configure it for the WordPress website.

ChemiCloud Hosting Services (Plans & Pricing)

As I mentioned earlier ChemiCloud has various hosting types and plans, and you can choose them according to your audience size, and location. ChemiCloud has 11 data centers over the world and different types of hosting like Shared, Cloud VPS, and Reseller Hosting.

Shared Hosting (Python, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, Node.js)

ChemiCloud has three different Shared hosting plans, and you can choose according to your budget and needs. ChemiCloud gives the option to choose four different periods for your subscription.

When you purchased hosting for the maximum period, the maximum discounts you will get, with a lifetime free domain name.

Starter: This is the ChemiCloud shared hosting base plan, the price is $2.99/mo (70% OFF!). This plan is ideal for a smaller audience size and wants to host a single blog or website.

Pro: This ChemiCloud hosting plan is for professionals, like those who already know how to create blogs or want to create multiple websites and want to test, etc. Perhaps the pricing starts at $4.49/mo (70% OFF!).

Turbo: This shared hosting plan is ideal for huge audience sizes and heavy-resourced websites like an eCommerce website or forum website, etc. The ChemiCloud Turbo plan’s pricing starts at $5.99/mo (70% OFF!).

My recommendation is the ChemiCloud Pro Shared Hosting plan, it has enough resource to host multiple websites and even eCommerce websites and ChemiCloud give you unlimited bandwidth plus a free domain name for a lifetime (As long as you remain a subscriber to ChemiCloud).

Comparison of ChemiCloud Shared Hosting:

Base Price$9.95 $2.99* (70% Off)$14.95 $4.49* (70% Off)$19.95 $5.99* (70% Off)
Ideal for1 WebsiteUnlimitedUnlimited
Storage20 GB SSD30 GB SSD40 GB SSD
Free Domain1 Domain1 Domain1 Domain
Backups10 Days Backups20 Days Backups30 Days Backups
Free SSLLet’s Encrypt SSLLet’s Encrypt SSLLet’s Encrypt SSL
RAM/CPU sizes1 GB/1 Core2 GB/2 Core3 GB/3 Core

WordPress Hosting (WordPress, WooCommerce)

ChemiCloud WordPress hosting is almost identical to shared hosting plans and features. But it is WordPress hosting so, you can’t expect any other CMS hosting. WordPress could be installed with a single click, and it gives more speed performance compared to Shared hosting.

WordPress Starter: ChemiCloud WordPress Starter plan is ideal for a single WordPress hosting, and the pricing starts at $2.99/mo (70% Off!). The plan comes with 20GB SSD storage and unlimited bandwidth.

WordPress Pro: In this plan, you can host multiple WordPress websites and ChemiCloud provides 2x more resources compared to the Starter plan. This plan pricing starts at $4.49/mo (70% Off!).

WordPress Turbo: This plan is ideal for WooCommerce websites, which are uses more resources compared to the normal WordPress website. However, in this plan, ChemiCloud provides tripled resources compared to the Starter plan. The pricing starts at $5.99/mo including 70% of discounts.

Comparison of ChemiCloud WordPress Hosting:

FeaturesWordPress StarterWordPress ProWordPress Turbo
Base Price$9.95 $2.99* (70% Off)$14.95 $4.49* (70% Off)$19.95 $5.99* (70% Off)
Ideal for1 WP SiteUnlimited WP SitesUnlimited WP Sites
Storage20 GB SSD30 GB SSD40 GB SSD
Free Domain1 Domain1 Domain1 Domain
Backups10 Days Backups20 Days Backups30 Days Backups
Free SSLLet’s Encrypt SSLLet’s Encrypt SSLLet’s Encrypt SSL
RAM/CPU sizes1 GB/1 Core2 GB/2 Core3 GB/3 Core

Cloud VPS Hosting by ChemiCloud

A Virtual Private Server aka VPS hosting is a virtual machine running on a dedicated server. VPS hosting is based on a Cloud platform and is easy to manage compared to a dedicated server (free of cost). On ChemiCloud you will get VPS hosting which is completely managed by ChemiCloud, you don’t have to do anything except add your DNS, etc.

ChemiCloud Chat Support about VPS Hosting

However, for self-management, you will get a free cPanel license which cost more than $14 a month. Sadly, ChemiCloud does not provide full root access, but if you want to add any features or applications, contact them they will help with that.

ChemiCloud has four different Cloud VPS plans, and you can choose according to your requirements and needs. And all plans are available during the various billing periods. If you choose a long-term plan, you will get maximum discounts.

ChemiCloud VPS Hosting Plans

Comparison of ChemiCloud VPS Hosting:

Memory4 GB8 GB16 GB32 GB
Storage80 GB SSD160 SSD320 GB SSD640 GB SSD
Bandwidth4 TB5 TB6 TB7 TB
cPanelFree cPanelFree cPanelFree cPanelFree cPanel
WebserverLiteSpeed EnterpriseLiteSpeed EnterpriseLiteSpeed EnterpriseLiteSpeed Enterprise
Server Management100% Managed by ChemiCloud100% Managed by ChemiCloud100% Managed by ChemiCloud100% Managed by ChemiCloud
Associate IPDedicatedDedicatedDedicatedDedicated
BackupsRemote BackupsRemote BackupsRemote BackupsRemote Backups
Data Centres10 Regions10 Regions10 Regions10 Regions
Root access
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ChemiCloud Reseller Hosting

Have a digital agency or bunch of clients? If you provide various services including hosting management, web development, etc, and you want to provide directly hosting to your clients then ChemiCloud Reseller hosting could help to begin.

So, what is Reseller hosting? In reseller hosting, you become a mediator or a reseller and sell the company’s hosting services on your behalf of you. And you get full control of managing prices and terms, and when you get sales you will get the full amount.

Kickstart: This reseller hosting plan is for those who are going to start a new hosting business, and have no prior experience. This plan’s pricing starts at $19.95/mo (33% Off!), where you will get 30 cPanel licenses.

Grow: In this plan, you will get more cPanel account licenses for managing more clients. It’s like your business is growing or your user base is growing, you can upgrade to the ChemiCloud Reseller Grow plan or higher. This plan’s pricing starts at $29.95/mo (25% Off), with 60 cPanel account licenses.

Expand: In this reseller hosting plan you got more cPanel accounts and storage compared to Grow reseller plan. If you got more than 60 clients then this plan could be ideal for you. This plan’s pricing starts at $44.95/mo (18% Off), with 80 cPanel account licenses.

Established: This plan is ideal for established businesses. Suppose you are a digital agency and have a big number of clients (more than 80) then an Established reseller hosting plan is perfect for you. This plan’s pricing starts at $59.95/mo (14% Off), with 100 cPanel account licenses.

Comparison of ChemiCloud Reseller Hosting:

Storage60 GB / 30 GB90 GB / 60 GB140 GB / 80 GB200 GB / 100 GB
cPanel Accounts30 / 6060 / 9080 / 140100 / 200
Bandwidth3 TB6 TB9 TB12 TB
Billing ToolBlestaBlestaWHMCS or BlestaWHMCS or Blesta
Backups30 Day backups30 Day backups30 Day backups30 Day backups
NameserversPrivate NSPrivate NSPrivate NSPrivate NS
BrandingWhite Label OptionWhite Label OptionWhite Label OptionWhite Label Option
Server Location11111111


ChemiCloud gives free domain with all their hosting plans. Even you can purchase domain names from ChemiCloud they provide huge selections. If you have already a domain name you can also transfer them into ChemiCloud. ChemiCloud has lower and steady renewal rates.

Register New Domains

Domain ExtensionsPricing

Offers on Domain registration:

Domain ExtensionsSale Price
.info$15.95 $8.77/yr (45% Off)
.shop$39.95 $13.95/yr (65% Off)
.pro$24.12 $9.95/yr (59% Off)
.blog$29.95 $8.95/yr (70% Off)
.me$17.95 $9.95/yr (45% Off)
.ro$15.95 $9.95/yr (38% Off)
.xyz$14.42 $2.95/yr (80% Off)

Transfer Domains

Transfer your existing domain to ChemiCloud, and you can save a huge renewal spike rate. Why am I saying that? Because ChemiCloud provides the same rate upon popular domain extensions on registration, renewal, and transfer.

ChemiCloud Domain Transfer and Renewal Prices:

ExtensionsTransfer PriceRenewal Price

Same pricing for registration, renewal, and transfer, which you won’t often see with another domain registrar. For some registrars like GoDaddy and Namecheap, you will get cheap domain registration prices, even sometimes cheap transfer prices but renewal prices could be double compared to the registration price.

But on ChemiCloud you will get the same price for renewal and transfer. However, ChemiCloud doesn’t provide some extra discounts like others, so that is a sad point of it.

Support on ChemiCloud

Support is very important if you are using a service and it cost you money. Especially when you are using any technical product and services and you don’t have any deeper knowledge of the technical stuff.

ChemiCloud provides 24*7 live chat support, Ticketing, and a Knowledge base about their products and services. ChemiCloud also has video tutorials and blogs for the latest information and updates.

Live Chat

ChemiCloud has live chat support and they claim the average response time of the chat is 7 seconds. And using the ChemiCloud live chat support you can resolve almost every technical issue.

But I tested their chat support, it is really fast, but they don’t solve your all-technical issues for that you have to submit ticket support.

Compared to Hostinger’s chat support, I believe ChemiCloud is far better than Hostinger, even in other sections ChemiCloud is better.

Ticket System

ChemiCloud also has a ticket system, where you can mention your issues with in-depth detailed information, and they claim to solve an inquiry take an average of 37 minutes.

ChemiCloud Ticket Support System

I submitted a ticket on the ChemiCloud dashboard on 5th February 2022 at 16:53 as normal urgency (You will have the option to prioritize your ticket), and their support team respond to me on 6th February 2022 at 01:07.

If we calculate the time, they took almost 8 hours to respond, I think it could be less if I choose High or Critical urgency.

Knowledge Base & Blogs

ChemiCloud also has a Knowledge base and blogs for your help and guides on the products and services. In the ChemiCloud knowledge base section, you will find detailed documentation from beginning to end.

ChemiCloud has proper guides to manage Domains and DNS, Hosting accounts, CMS Applications, Emails, and much more.

On the blog section, you will find the latest product and services tutorials, ChemiCloud hosting sales and discounts offer blog posts, Marketing strategy articles, and more.

Security & Technology

In any web hosting platform, security and technology play a major role in the company and customer success. The ChemiCloud official site state that you will get the latest and best technology for high performance and better security.

For security and performance, ChemiCloud uses the latest web server technology with robust hardware, and this technology outperforms the traditional Web server like Apache and Nginx.

A firewall is an important security measure for preventing unwanted traffics and security attacks, ChemiCloud uses Advanced Firewall with the core system so customers and visitors can safely visit a secure environment.

As we have already mentioned that ChemiCloud uses cloud infrastructure so no need to worry about any hardware failure and website downtime. Here you can read how cloud infrastructures work.

Cloud Infrastructure

ChemiCloud is powered by Linode cloud infrastructure. Linode is one of the best reputable Cloud platforms alongside Digital Ocean. These Cloud infrastructures are very consumer and developer-friendly in their affordability and features.

Compared to ChemiCloud, Linode is almost 5% to 10% less pricy but on the ChemiCloud you don’t have to manage your services by yourself, on the other hand, you must manage your servers and applications, etc by yourself.

Latest AMD CPU

ChemiCloud uses AMD EPYC 7000 series processors to run everything on the cloud, safe, fast, and consistent. AMD EPYC processors were found to outperform Intel CPUs in various work cases like high-performance computing and handling big-data applications and databases.

AMD EPYC GeekBench Benchmark

Pure SSD Storage

SSD is the modern data storage technology, and it is 50x faster than traditional HDD, and there is various type of SSD available their performance and endurance are also very superior compared to HDD.

On your server, ChemiCloud uses pure SSD storage (No hybrid) to store your data, it is more energy-efficient and faster compared to any other hosting platform that uses HDD.

LiteSpeed Web Server

LiteSpeed’s innovative caching technology caches the static content on the server side so pages could load on the client-side for better user experience and reliability. LiteSpeed is an open-source application like NGINX and provides enterprise solutions. ChemiCloud uses LiteSpeed for its hosting services to provide blazing fast performance.

Cloudflare WAF & CDN

Cloudflare is a very popular security tool and widely used Cloudflare’s services like CDN, WAF, and DNS. ChemiCloud provides the easiest integration with Cloudflare with their hosting services. So, you can optimize your website for security and performance.

Cloudflare WAF blocks DDoS attacks, bot traffic, and more features, and there are more features like custom rules, workers, etc.

Cloudflare DNS is one of the fastest DNS, it takes very low time to propagate, and using CDN and caching features website loads way faster than usual.

Malware Removal

ChemiCloud has the tool Immunify360 for malware protection and removal. Immunify360 uses a multi-layer shield to protect against malicious code execution and attacks and abnormal behavior, and brute force attacks.

ChemiCloud has advanced firewall protection and an AI detection system to protect from new threats.

Other Security Services, That ChemiCloud Provides to Customers:

  • CDN
  • HTTP/3 or Google QUIC protocol
  • 2FA Authentication
  • Account Isolation
  • Email Protection

ChemiCloud Data Centres

ChemiCloud has a total of 11 data centers over the world. In America continent has 5, Europe has 2, Asia has 3, and Australia has 1 data center.

I tested all server locations’ speed tests via their respective country using Windows RDP. You can check the download, upload, and ping performance on the table, and I have also uploaded the screenshot of the tests on OneDrive, you can also check them as well.

Speed Test:

Atlanta, United States33.35 Mbps30.64 Mbps315.26 ms
Dallas, United States37.79 Mbps24.05 Mbps298.60 ms
Frankfurt, Germany17.66 Mbps27.25 Mbps140.80 ms
Fremont, United States26.87 Mbps35.26 Mbps295.10 ms
London, United Kingdom76.79 Mbps31.40 Mbps122.56 ms
Mumbai, India123.61 Mbps82.91 Mbps45.00 ms
Newark, United States39.38 Mbps24.86 Mbps335.38 ms
Singapore, Singapore106.54 Mbps60.98 Mbps60.42 ms
Sydney, Australia37.03 Mbps33.26 Mbps269.70 ms
Tokyo, Japan144.40 Mbps34.54 Mbps130.74 ms
Toronto, Canada42.18 Mbps60.64 Mbps207.30 ms

Control Panels

Not every person is very technical, and if you want to do blogging that means you also don’t have to be very technical or need to learn Linux, etc. But if you know about that then it is great.

So, control panels are applications that would be installed on your server and this software gives you a graphical user interface to manage your things, like hosting, domains, emails, etc. These things are could be managed without control panels but using a control panel would cut down your work by more than half.

Suppose you have knowledge about Linux, and how database and other application works, those are necessary for a web application, and you must install them one by one and need to configure them manually by yourself in a command line (It is pretty hefty work).

But using a control panel, you can do it all by yourself in a few minutes and without knowing the very technical stuff. Like ChemiCloud hosting providers, they preconfigured (Managed) cPanel for your hosting, so you don’t have to do many things on it. Just add a nameserver on your DNS and good to go.

So, here are two application that uses ChemiCloud for their customers:


As I mentioned above about control panels, it is a complete bundle of applications, whatever you need for web hosting, DNS management, CMS, MySQL, Emails, etc. If you are using a VPS server, you can install, cPanel by yourself using a single line of the script. But in ChemiCloud, you do not need to do anything, everything will be managed by their support team.

cPanel Dashboard Screenshot


WHM is a billing software integrated with cPanel. In traditional shared hosting or managed hosting, you get only cPanel access, not the WHM. But you are a VPS or Reseller hosting user, and you want to sell hosting. You can get access to WHM software.

It is similar to the cPanel but WHM has more technical and billing stuff to manage clients and the hosting.

Payment Method

ChemiCloud support almost all major payment method, like Visa, Master, American Express, and PayPal. It is great though they have PayPal support, but if they could provide an Indian payment method that would be more grateful to users.

India has a huge population, and currently, India is getting digitized, people are understanding technology better. But in India, less than 20 percent of people have credit cards, and the rest have bank debit cards, but many of them do not want to use their debit cards for online transactions. That’s why the UPI medium has been launched in India, which is the easiest and safest way to send and receive money.

Hostinger has adopted the UPI medium for its services, and most of the reviewers, and YouTubers, therefore, recommend Hostinger to take it. If ChemiCloud also adopts the UPI payment method on its platform, then many Indian users will be ready to take ChemiCloud hosting.


  • Speed
  • Affordable Price
  • Based on Cloud Infrastructure
  • 11 Datacenters (Including India)
  • Free Domain Name for Life
  • 24*7 Support
  • 45-Day Refund Policy
  • Load Handling
  • Uptime
  • Unlimited Bandwidth


  • Affordable if purchased for 3 years
  • Storage Limitation
  • Only offers available for annual plans & above

FAQs About ChemiCloud

Is the pricing reasonable?

Above I have mentioned the pricing of ChemiCloud hosting plans and compared to other popular hosting providers, pricing is similar and reasonable that what you get. ChemiCloud WordPress starter plan starts at $2.99 per month (Discounted Price).
Using this plan you can host a single website, and you get 20 GB SSD storage and unlimited bandwidth, and hardware specs you get that is 1 GB of RAM and 1 CPU (technically virtual CPU). If we compare these specs and features with other competitors, then ChemiCloud will fulfill your expectations.
So, in my opinion, pricing is very reasonable considering the average market price, and the best thing about ChemiCloud is you can also choose your nearest server location for better performance in speed and your user experiences.

Is the Performance being good regarding the pricing?

Return of Investment is based on your hosting performance, if you have a poor hosting service that is slowed down your website, then there is a huge chance to get failure. Recently Google released their Core Web Vital search algorithm, according to this your website should pass the result, and it will help you to rank higher.
According to my tests on ChemiCloud hosting, the performance was great, and it is value for money hosting.

Final Thoughts

My overall impression is great with ChemiCloud hosting services. ChemiCloud is a US-based hosting company, and the hosting services are managed by ChemiCloud, and they also provide bundled offers, like free domain names, SSL certificates, and more.

If I summarize about ChemiCloud in one word, that is fantastic. ChemiCloud hosting platform is customer-centric which means you will get better quality services, support, and latest features. ChemiCloud is powered by Linode Cloud Infrastructure and their servers are available over the world, and so has ChemiCloud.

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