How To Start A Blog? Everything You Need To Know

A Blog is ( also known as a “web-log”) a discussion or informational website. There you can publish text-image entries formally or informally to express yourself or discuss with visitors who interact with the content. Posts are displayed in reverse chronological order, and new content shows first or on top of other content.

In this article, we will elaborate on “how you can create a profitable blog with a minimum amount of budget.”

Some prerequisites that need to start a blog. First, choose a niche, then a domain name according to your niche, and last, you need a good web hosting plan.

The Sooner we get started, the sooner you can start a blog website. So let’s dive in!

Choosing A Perfect Blog Niche

Choosing a perfect niche for blogging

Choosing a niche is very important for an individual blogger. Niche or Topic that’s suitable for you. You can select multiple topics (niches) in a single blog website, but it will increase your workload.

If you have a team, then you can choose multiple niches for your blog and do teamwork. So be specific in the niche.

Choosing A Domain Name for Start A Blog

Choosing A Domain Name for Start A Blog

Choosing a perfect domain name is very important in the case of SEO, and brand visibility. Choose a domain name short and easy to memorize as per your niche. In simple language, you should include the word of your topic in the domain name. So it will be easy to understand and memorable for visitors.

Suppose your niche is in technology, then you should include the word “tech” in your domain name, e.g., It is easy to understand what content is included in the blog and is good for SEO? Search engines can quickly determine what type of blog it is and help them index content quickly.

You should avoid using numbers in a domain name for better branding. Choose a TLD domain name containing .com .net or country-specific .in .us and .uk. The most common and popular TLD is .com which is widely used worldwide.

What to do after choosing a domain name? Check domain availability on any of the domain provider’s websites.

In three steps you can register a domain name:-

Search for Domain Name:

Search for Domain Name on

You can go with for a Domain name search, and they give a huge discount compared to others.

Select Your Domain Name & Add to Cart:


Search your domain name availability; if available, then click add to cart and go to the next step.

Checkout for Completing Domain Registration:

Checkout for Completing Domain Registration

After confirming the order, fill in all billing information and do checkout. In payment, you can use PayPal and Card on all these registrar websites.

Those were the simple three steps to register your domain name on these sites.

Choosing The Best Web Hosting for Blogging

Choosing The Best Web Hosting for Blogging

The best hosting service plan is essential for your website’s performance and in-context of SEO. Also, hosting should be affordable for your budget so that you can purchase with a low investment.

There are many hosting providers available. They provide various types of hosting, e.g., Physical and Cloud hosting. These two are also subdivided into various types.

So, which hosting is best for beginners? The hosting plan depends on your budget—beginners facing a low budget, so we suggest purchasing shared hosting plans. Check out Namecheap Hosting Plans [86% Off].

👉 WordPress Recommended Web Hosting:

Most web hosting providers give a free domain name with their yearly hosting plans. If we talk about a good hosting service provider, then you should go with Namecheap’s plans. Namecheap will provide affordable hosting plans with unlimited storage and bandwidth, and you can host unlimited numbers of domain names.

If you don’t want to buy web hosting and start a blog website, then Google’s Blogger platform is one of the best choices. You do not need any hosting, and even if you don’t have any domain name, you can start a blog website using a subdomain of

Install WordPress for Blogging

Install WordPress Manually or by One-Click

WordPress is the most popular platform for blogging. WordPress CMS is widely used worldwide for web content because WordPress is easy to use. WordPress is an open-source platform, so you can modify WordPress code and use your version. Most people like WordPress because they have the most extensive database of plugins and themes.

Paid hosting services have an option to install WordPress in a few clicks, and you can also install it manually. When you have purchased web hosting, then you can install WordPress in a few steps:-

  • Log in cPanel or Web Management Dashboard (Plesk, WebPanel, and CyberPanel).
  • Find WordPress or Softaculous app installer.
  • Login to Your WordPress Dashboard

When you purchase a web hosting plan for your blogging career, you are just behind in these three steps.

Follow these three steps and start your blogging career. After the installation of WordPress, you have to do some customization on your WordPress website.

⭐Confused about or, which one is better, and how to use it for blogging? Let’s check out the article – How To Start A Blog – Beginner’s Guide.

Change Permalinks

Click Settings and Permalinks for Changing WordPress URL structure.

Take the mouse on “Settings” and click on “Permalinks” to change the URL structure.

Select Post Name as WordPress URL Structure or Permalinks

When you change the URL structures or permalinks, that would be looking like in the image. This type of permalinks structure is best for SEO or Search Engine Optimization in Blogging. Google also ranks those URLs which have the best content with a tiny URL structure.

Install a light-weight theme for better speed

Best Lightweight WordPress Themes Like Astra Pro Generate Press and Neve Pro

Astra, GeneratePress, and Neve Pro are some of the most popular WordPress themes. These three themes have a free version to download. We don’t go into detail because we have reviewed all three themes.

Must Read:- Astra Vs GeneratePress Theme.

These three themes are very lightweight, and it helps improve the website’s user experience with better speed. These themes also help in SEO. So we suggest all blogger who wants to start blogging, use one of the themes.

If you have a budget for a premium theme, then you can purchase one of them that we have mentioned above. Read the in-depth speed optimization guide, on how to get a 90+ score on Google Page Speed Insight using the WP Rocket plugin.

Using Pagebuilder Plugin for Blogging

Using Pagebuilder Plugin for Blogging

Pagebuilder plugins are great for beginner bloggers. Pagebuilder help to create professional and beautiful dynamic pages and posts. Most popular page builders:

These are the most popular plugins. You can use their free version for page building, but most exclusive features are available in the premium version.

You can use any one of them. If you asked us then really, we would suggest you buy the Elementor Premium version. Elementor has a live preview function, so you can see the live preview when you build a page or post.

Using SEO Plugin for Blogging

Using SEO Plugin for Blogging for On Page SEO

SEO Plugin has a significant role in your website ranking. You can find the most popular SEO plugins for WordPress free of cost. So you can use SEO plugins like RankMath (Free), Yoast (Freemium), and All-in-one SEO (Freemium) plugin.

We will strongly recommend you use the Rank Math SEO plugin or Yoast SEO. RankMath is a completely free plugin, and if you want some extra features like inbuilt redirections, you should go with Yoast SEO.

Yoast SEO premium plugins also came with some extra bundled plugins that could be helpful. The main point is that you can add “Meta descriptions” and “Meta Keywords” for better SEO optimization without knowing to code. So that could be very helpful for bloggers who are a newbie.

Create Legal Pages and Navigation Menu

Create Legal Pages and Navigation Menu

Legal pages and the Navigation menu indicate an excellent user experience website. Google also recommends you should have Navigation Menu and Legal Pages for better ranking.

You should add legal pages like Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, Disclaimer, About, and Contact page to your whole website.

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Add Amazing Blog Posts

Add amazing blog posts - content is king

Before you start your career in Blogging, then you should know “Content is King 👑.” So when you have done all the steps above, you should add content to your blog. Content should be in your niche and plagiarism-free.

Your content could be anything according to your niches like review articles, comparisons, or features. Don’t publish thin content because it could be unhelpful in Google ranking. Google recommends a minimum of 600+ words of content. If your content has below 600 words, then that is thin content.

Search Engines Optimization for Blog

Search Engines Optimization for Blog

Search Engine Optimization is a post-process after launching a website. SEO helps to rank on Google Search, Bing Search, and more. So when you think your website or blog is ready for indexing. It would be best if you did some post-process for Search Engine Optimization.

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Submit Sitemap to Search Engines

Submit Sitemap to Search Engines

Create “Sitemap.xml” or generate Sitemap using an SEO Plugin. Now login to Google Search Console with your Google Account, sign up with Bing Webmaster and submit your sitemap.

Wait for some time and see the results of SEO. You can check website performance, index coverage, and even referring domains.

Create Backlinks

Create Back links and getting SEO Juice

Creating backlinks is very helpful in SEO. If you have awesome content, then other bloggers will link your content with their content and get some SEO juice (Backlink).

There are many methods to get Good DA/PA backlinks, but you should mind creating backlinks on websites similar to your niche or website.

You can get backlinks through doing comments, guest posting, and making good relations with other bloggers.

Some tool websites are available for free you can use them to find backlink opportunities. is very popular for finding link opportunities, or if you want to find guest blogging backlink opportunities, then use and search “Guest Posting,” “Writing for us,” or “Guest Blogging.”

Understand your audience

Understand your audience in Blogging

Understanding the audience is very important for a blogger. So better for understanding the audience is the implementation of the Google Analytics service. You need to put a piece of code on your website. Afterward, you can analyze your audience basis on region, devices, browsers, and more.

So there are questions about how to improve or how maximize your website’s user experience? First, you can analyze your audience through Analytics, and second, add Form on the website. You can say to put suggestions in Suggestion Form. So you can explore and make improvements.

Revenue Generate with Your Blog

Revenue Generate with Your Blog

You have a blog and good traffic, but you do not generate any money from it. Then what should you do? There are many sources and methods to earn money.

Publisher Ad Networks

Monetize website or blog with Publisher Ad Networks like adsense

Adsense is one of the most popular and widely used publisher ad networks. When you have been approved to place ads on your website or blog and visitors click those ads, you will get money per CPC.

Same as features in ad network but a little different. gives money as per CPM. In this network, your income depends on American and European traffic.

There is a list of publisher ad networks:

Those are widely used in website monetization. Many other publisher’s networks are available for websites, but we don’t recommend using that even above the list.

But you are a newbie blogger, and you have invested money in starting your blogging career. Then obviously, you need to earn money form of the return of investment [ROI].

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing in Blogging

Affiliate marketing is a process where you can earn a commission from promoting other people’s or a company’s products.

Affiliate marketing is the best option to earn money online. But it could be hard for a newbie blogger but not impossible. In the affiliate market, you need to focus on your content and then SEO.

Most newbie bloggers think affiliate marketing is easy, or they saw big money on YouTube videos, so they start affiliate marketing. It is wrong. You can not begin affiliate marketing. You need to know how affiliate marketing is working.

Sign Up for Affiliate Networks

Digital Product Selling

Digital Product Selling through website or blogging

Digital product selling is a very comfortable business. You can sell your eBooks, Digital courses, Graphic Arts, Software, and much more.


If you want to sell ebooks, create ebooks specific websites and publish daily books related content for engaging visitors. You can grow your business through paid ads.

Digital Courses

Digital courses are currently is very popular and exponentially growing market. You can easily grow this business cause of the COVID-19 situation.

Graphic Arts and Source code

You can sell Graphic Arts like templates, mockups, icons, and more. Other hands, you can also sell your Digital App Source code and earn money.

Selling Ad spaces

Selling Ad spaces in blog website

Selling ad spaces on your website is an excellent income source. Selling ad space on the website required lots of visitors. So you prove to your client that you can give the best conversion rate on their ads or product.

If you notice that most popular websites have a page link on the bottom “Advertise” or “Advertise with us,” you can generate revenue if you have lots of traffic on your website or blog.

Sponsored Post

Sponsored Post in Blogging

Publishing sponsored posts also could be a good income source. Sponsoring is a fast way to earn money. But if you are a beginner in the blogging field, then getting sponsored posts could be impossible. The fact is that you need an excellent authority website and lots of traffic.


Now we are in the conclusion stage. So overall, my thought is that if you want to make a profitable blog, you need to invest some money (For domain and web hosting) and most of your time.

There are many ways to generate good money from your blog. You need to focus on your content. You can not be rich in just one night.

In a Blogging career, you need to keep patient and focus on genuine content. You will need SEO optimization, So you can hire an expert or do your basis.

So, guys, that’s it. If you have some questions in mind, just throw them in the comment box, and we will reply.

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