Configure New Virtual Cloud Network (VCN) on Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud offers several networking options for your environment, including Virtual Cloud Networks (VCN), which use Oracle Global Data Center Infrastructure (GDI) to allow network traffic through our global network.

VCNs are a key part of the Oracle Cloud and enable you to create a secure, reliable link between your servers in the private cloud and the public cloud.

Step – 1. Go Virtual Network Section

Go Virtual Cloud Network Section

Log in to the Oracle Cloud dashboard and click the burger menu on the top-left side. Then choose networking and click on Virtual Cloud Network.

Step – 2. Click Create VCN

Create Oracle Cloud New VCN

When you deploy a new VM instance on Oracle Cloud it automatically generates a Virtual Cloud Network configuration. However, you can create a new VCN from scratch as shown in the picture above.

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Step – 3. Fill in basic information

Fill out basic details for new VCN

If you are creating a new VCN from scratch, you must fill in some information like the VCN name and the IPv4 CIDR Blocks, etc. And then click on Create VCN to create a new Oracle Cloud Virtual Cloud Network.

Step – 4. Select Created VCN

Select Created VCN

Now you will see the newly create VCN name on the list. Click on the VCN name to configure various network parameters.

Step – 5. Click on Network Security Groups

Create New Network Security Group

To access your server publicly, you must create a Network Security Group. So, when you select the VCN, you will see the Network Security Groups under the resources section. Click on it and then click the Create Network Security Group as shown in the image above.

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Step – 6. Create a New Network Security Groups

Give Name to New Network Security Group

To create a new security group, you must give a name to it, then select the compartment. If you are a root user, then select the root compartment as shown in the image.

Step – 7. Specify Name of Security Group

Add Security Rules for HTTP port

Now the final step, where you must specify the incoming/outgoing port ranges, protocol type, etc. as shown in the image above.

If you want to make your server, publicly accessible as a web server then you must add destination port range 80 and 443 for HTTP and HTTPS requests.


Is Oracle Cloud public or private?

Oracle Cloud is owned by Oracle Corporation, it is an American private company. Their services are Closed source for platforms, Open source for client SDKs.

Is Oracle Cloud worth it?

If you are an enterprise or organization, then it is worth it. For individual developers or owners, I would recommend using Digital Ocean or Vultr Cloud.

What is Oracle Cloud virtual cloud network (VCN)?

Oracle Cloud VCN is a network environment where you can create various types of rules for applications, servers, and other services.


A Virtual Cloud Network (VCN) is designed to increase your control over the organization of your resources in the cloud. You now have the option of creating a network that mirrors your physical network, or you can create a network that is optimal for your cloud computing environment so you can better protect your resources.

By using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure VCN, you can easily and quickly build custom-designed networks with minimal oversight from a third party.

Hopefully, this information will help you get started creating and deploying your Virtual Cloud Network. And if you need any assistance setting up your network or creating a new one, Oracle’s support team is available to assist at no charge.

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