GeneratePress Vs Astra WordPress Theme: Which one is better?

astra vs generatepress theme

Most of the website is run by WordPress CMS, about 27+ Million sites are currently running. If you also thinking to create a site then you probably thought about WordPress. When you think about making a WordPress site making then the Plugins and the most important thing is Themes.

The theme will show to your visitor, is your site is attractive or not. WordPress has own free and Premium themes databases. You can find hundreds of free themes, now when we talk about the theme then sometimes most of the WordPress theme decreases the site performance and performance is most important to engage visitors and ranking on Google Search. In this article, we are going to review these major WordPress themes.

  1. GeneratePress
  2. Astra
  3. WordPress Default Twenty-twenty

WordPress Default Theme

WordPress Default Theme Active

First, we are going to test out WordPress’s default theme without any plugins. I am going to performance check on

Without any cache plugins in the WordPress Default theme

WordPress Default Theme performance 1

Now you can see the results, my site got “C” Grade on PageSpeed Score and YSlow Score and you can also see above in the image showing the fully loaded time is 3.0 Seconds that is very slow. In case of SEO or Site ranking on google that much of the time is bad for the Website. Google ranks the sites after analyzing the overall score, that’s mean our site load time should be relevant like 1.5 seconds or less.

After using cache plugin in WordPress Default theme

WordPress Default Theme performance 2

Now you can see the difference before without using any kind of cache plugin and after using a cache plugin. In this test I am used “WP Fastest Cache” Plugin, this plugin is free to download and give some optimizations. I had enabled these optimizations and now you can see the results, but that is not enough for our site.

GeneratePress Theme for WordPress

GeneratePress Free theme for WordPress

GeneratePress is a popular and lightweight WordPress free theme. GeneratePress also have a PRO version of this theme with extra features of customizations, but I am taking the free version of the GeneratePress theme for our test reviews.

Click Here for Download

GeneratePress Theme Performance without any cache plugin Installed

When we completed the performance test on GeneratePress Theme, we got these results you can see the difference between WordPress default theme and GeneratePress. There was loading time about 3.0 seconds and in GeneratePress 1.9 Seconds. About 1 Second less loading time.

GeneratePress performance report 1

GeneratePress Theme performance after installed a cache plugin

GeneratePress performance report 2

When, we enable the cache plugin and clean all data with pre-set settings like GZ Compression and HTML, JavaScript, and CSS optimization. Then we take the performance test on, you can see the results above. The results are far better than the previous test. You can see the page speed score now is 81% and the request is lower than before.

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Full load time and total page size are better than the WordPress default Twenty-twenty theme. So you can download GeneratePress Theme for free.

Click Here for Download

Astra Theme for WordPress websites

Astra Free theme for WordPress

Now we are going to install Astra free themes on our site and taking a performance test. Astra is also one of the lightest WordPress themes. Astra is also a modular theme like the GeneratePress theme. This modular feature makes the Astra theme more professional. If you need a specific particular feature then just enable the modules.

Click Here For Download/Buy Astra/Astra Pro

Astra theme performance without using any cache plugin

Astra Theme Performance report 1

You can see the performance report above, The Astra theme is far better than other professional or free themes. You can see the results clearly, these results generated without installed a cache plugin on this testing website. The Astra theme’s PageSpeed Score is 91% with A grade and YSlow Score is B grade with 84%. That is better than other tested themes before. Page Request is 15, is less than 50% less from the GeneratePress theme.

Astra theme performance after installed a cache plugin

Astra Theme Performance report 2

Now, we are declaring, Astra theme is the winner. You can see the results everything is green. PageSpeed Score and Yslow Score is A-grade with 90+%. Load time is 1.6 second and Page size is 1 Megabyte.

Click Here For Download/Buy Astra/Astra Pro


We tested three WordPress free themes. First is the WordPress Default theme then the GeneratePress theme and last Astra theme. Our main focus was on the website performance, so we hope have seen the results of them. Some people without any concern they buy a heavy and bloated theme for looking absolute professional, but they are not. The heavy and bloated theme is just made for looking good, not for the best performance. If you check out most of the popular bloggers WordPress site is made by one of these two themes, GeneratePress or Astra theme.

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If you want to start a blogging site or you have started a site, then we will suggest you use one of these themes GeneratePress or Astra. They both have a pro variant, the pro variant has some extra features. But if you are a beginner then you should only use the free version. They provide enough features to start a professional-looking blog site.

But if you have used the free version and now want to upgrade then just we will suggest you upgrade GeneratePress or Astra’s pro variant. We have told before they both have modular features so when you will upgrade these theme then you can use.


Some other factors affect your websites like the Hosting Services. If you are using a good host form a good hosting service provider, then you can also see the good results from above. Cloud Hosting and Managed VPS Hosting services are the best hosting services. But they are very costlier than any shared hosting service.

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But in the market there are some shared hosting services provides they are providing the best performance services at affordable prices. We can just suggest you if you want performance on your website and want to make more audience and want them engaged with your blog, then you should use a good shared hosting service. Like SiteGround, WP Engine, NameCheap, and DreamHost. These are the best affordable hosting provider.

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FAQ about GeneratePress and Astra Theme.

How to download Astra theme for free?

Astra theme is a free theme you can download from the WordPress theme databases or just going to the official Astra theme’s website and download the ZIP file.

How to Download the GeneratePress theme for free?

GeneratePress theme is a free theme you can download from the WordPress themes database or just going to the official GeneratePress theme’s site and download the ZIP file.

How to increase WordPress website performance?

Some factors affect on sites like Bulky theme and bad host service. Then you should use a lightweight theme and change your host to the best hosting provider, like Namecheap or SiteGroud.

Thank You

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