Namecheap Promo Codes: Get Up to 86% Discount

Are you looking for Namecheap coupons and promo codes for cheap and excellent web hosting and domain names?

Then you are in the right place. We have collected all coupons and promo codes for your even deal.

Namecheap is a top-rated company because of its unbelievable pricing on all products.

Has confusion about Namecheap? Check out the review of Namecheap.

Out, many companies provide affordable products but not at all products when it comes to Web hosting, Domain name, Email hosting, SSL certificates, and more. Namecheap has been providing all at an affordable price.

Get 86% Discount on Namecheap Hosting With a Free Domain

This article will discuss some essential things along with Namecheap promo codes and coupon codes, product features, and details like pricing, promo codes, and deals for 2022.

You can use these codes and save some extra money on Namecheap web hosting and domain name registration.

Namecheap Summer Sale [Limited Times]

Namecheap gives large amounts of discounts during festivals and holidays each year. This year, Namecheap offers up to a 96% discount on its products (Hosting, Domain, Emails, VPN, and SSL certificates).

Domain Name [Up to 96% off]

During this sale, you will get up to a 96% flat discount, as we have mentioned all discounted popular domain names below.

The sale is for a limited time only, the sale is going to end very soon. If you are thinking of purchasing a popular domain name, then it is your chance.

.com$13.98 $7.98 [ 43% off ]
.net$12.98 $9.98 [23% off]
.org$12.98 $7.98 [ 39% off ]
.info$14.98 $3.98 [ 73% off ]
.co$23.98 $3.98 [ 83% off ]
.us$8.48 $2.98 [ 65% off ]
.shop$30.88 $1.48 [ 95% off ]
.site$25.98 $1.48 [ 94% off ]
.tech$45.98 $4.88 [ 89% off ]
.design$42.88 $2.98 [ 93% off ]
.page$10.88 $9.98 [ 08% off ]

Transfer Your Domain Name and Get up to 50% Off

In this sale, Namecheap is giving up to 50% discounts on your popular domain extension. If you are currently on GoDaddy, HostGator, or any providers, you can take benefit from this. You, have to pay just half of the renewal price and you will get one year of free renewal extension without paying any extra charges.

.com$13.98 $6.98 [ 50% off ]
.net$11.98 $7.98 [33% off]
.org$12.98 $7.98 [ 39% off ]
.co$23.98 $18.98 [ 21% off ]
.me$18.48 $10.98 [ 41% off ]

How to Get 50% Transfer Discounts on Namecheap?

Step – 1. If you have an account on Namecheap, then log in or you can create a new one during transfer.

Step – 2. Type your domain name on the transfer search box, and then Namecheap will show you the transfer checklist.

Step – 3. According to the checklist, you must unlock the “Registrar Lock” from your current domain registrar. When you do that you will get an “Authorization Code“.

Step – 4. When you acquired the authorization code, you must enter it on the Namecheap website and click on Add to cart button to proceed.

Step – 5. Apply the Namecheap Transfer promo code to get 50% Discounts. The promo code is NEWYEARTR22, after payment, your domain transfer process will start and it usually takes less than 6 days to transfer on Namecheap.

Transfer Domain names to Namecheap platform

Web & Email hosting [Up to 100% Off]

Namecheap is offering about 100% discounts on hosting services (30 Day free trial of EasyWP). These Namecheap deals and sales are for a limited time. As you can see below, I have shown the pricing of all.

Namecheap Shared Hosting up to 60% off

Stellar [60% Off]Stellar Plus [60% Off]
Free domain & SSLs1 domain (First year only) 1 domain (First year only)
Free Migration<24 hours website migration<24 hours website migration
Website Limit3 websitesUnlimited websites
Storage20 GB SSD Unmetered SSD
Pricing$3.88 $1.43/month$5.88 $2.31/month

Namecheap’s Fastest WordPress Hosting EasyWP [Flat 50% Off]

EasyWP is the managed WordPress hosting service from Namecheap, their pricing is very affordable in comparison to the other providers. Even Namecheap provides a 30-day completely free trial of EasyWP WordPress hosting [No Credit Card Required].

EasyWP Starter [50% Off]EasyWP Turbo [50% Off]
Storage10 GB SSD50 GB SSD
Traffic50k visitors/month200k visitors/month
Website LimitSingleSingle
Pricing$34.88 $17.44/year$78.88 $39.44/year

During sales, Namecheap gave flat 50% discounts on EasyWP-managed WordPress hosting. In managed WordPress, you don’t have to do anything, except point your domain to the hosting, and everything will be managed by the Namecheap team. Check out Namecheap EasyWP Review for a better resolution about it.

Namecheap Professional Email Services [Discount up to 50%]

Having an online presence, lt could be your blog, portfolio, or e-commerce business, professional emails are important. It makes you and your business reputation high. So, in this sale, you will get up to 50% off on Namecheap professional email services.

Email Pro [42% Off]Email Ultimate [50% Off]
Email Storage30 GB 75 GB
File Storage15 GB30 GB
Mailbox3 Mailboxes5 Mailboxes
SyncMobile Sync Mobile Sync
Pricing$38.88 $22.50/year$68.88 $34.50/year

Have you been confused about the Namecheap services, don’t worry! before purchasing the paid plans you can take a free trial for 60-days. Namecheap has three professional email service plans including both mentioned above, and you can take any of the plan’s free trials.

SSL Certificates & VPN [Flat 14% Off]

PositiveSSL$6.99 $5.99/yr (5-Year Plan)
PositiveSSL Multi-domain$20.99 $17.99/yr (5-Year Plan)
PositiveSSL Wildcard$48.99 $41.99/yr (5-Year Plan)
Namecheap FastVPN$34.56 $9.88/yr [71% Off!]

Let’s find out the Namecheap promo codes and coupon codes along with their every product detail.

Namecheap Monthly Promo & Coupon Codes for January 2022

Namecheap post fresh coupon codes every month. So, you can use these codes for buying domain names, web hosting, and other products.

Check out the latest coupon and promo codes:

  • Domain registration & Transfer [ NYDMN22 ]
  • 35% OFF on Email hosting [ NYPE22 ]
  • 27% OFF on SSL certificates [ NYSSL22 ]
Namecheap Promo DetailsPromo Codes and Links
86% Off on Shared Hosting & DomainGet Free Domain With Hosting
50% Off on Shared Hosting at $1.43/monthGet Flat 50% OFF!
30-Day Free Trial EasyWP HostingGet Free Frist Month
2 Month Free Trial Professional EmailGet a 60-Day Free Trial
30-Day Free Trial FastVPNGet Now [No Credit Card Required]
Unlimited Bandwidth with Supersonic CDNFree Sign Up Now
Up to 40% off on VPS hostingCheck out more
34% OFF on RenewalsRenew Your Domain Now!

Namecheap 99 Cent TLD domain Offers

Get these TLDs at the lowest prices. You need to apply the 99SPECIAL Namecheap coupon code during checkout. These domain names also included lifetime Whois Guard and Namecheap’s free DNS.

  • 98 % off on .store at
  • 89% off on .link at
  • 91% off on .xyz
  • 80% off on .cyou
  • 89% off on .cooking
  • 95% off on .cloud
  • 98% off on .baby
  • 95% off on .space
  • 98% off on .college
  • 95% off on .website
  • 89% off on .click
  • 99% off on .host
  • 87% off on .icu
  • 96% off on .site
  • 91% off on .top
  • 95% off on .pw
  • 94% off on .biz
  • 92% off on .monster
  • 98% off on .rent
  • 95% off on .fun
  • Namecheap Promo Codes and Deals [100% Working]

    Here are all the latest Namecheap promo codes and coupon codes, which we have collected for you. These all codes had been tested and are 100% working. You need to apply and get instant benefits.

    Get Domain Name [Up to 96% Discount]

    Are you finding Namecheap promo codes or coupons for domain registration in 2022?

    Namecheap is a great option to buy domain names at an affordable price. So, if you are looking for a discounted price on domain name registrations and domain transfers for January 2022, here is the deal.

    Get Namecheap Web Hosting [Up to 86% Discount]

    Namecheap provides up to 86% discount on web hosting with unlimited websites and disk space. People mostly use Namecheap for domain name registration.

    But if you compare Namecheap’s price with another provider, then Namecheap is very affordable and cheapest.

    If you buy web hosting from Namecheap, you will get at half the regular price without entering any promo codes or deals. Namecheap’s entire year web hosting price will be 50% discounted.

    When your hosting plan will end, and you will renew, then the price will be regular. But you can also get a little discount over the regular prices. Namecheap provides monthly coupons and deals.

    You need to find a renewal Namecheap promo code or deal [Don’t worry, we collected the promo for you].

    Get Namecheap Private Email – Free For 2 Months Trial

    Namecheap provides a great deal on their Private Email Hosting Plan. You can get a two-month free trial or 35% Off on a yearly purchase. Namecheap’s private email’s regular plan is $33.88 for a year.

    You can try it out for two months with business-standard security and ad-free features. You can create multiple inboxes and team collaboration.

    In this plan, you will get 3 free mailboxes, 30GB for emails, and 15GB for file storage.

    Get Namecheap SSL Certificates [Up to 48% Off]

    Security is a serious matter when it’s come to your website. SEO also depends on our website’s security. SSL Certificates provide encryption on our website, and browsers indicate that this site is secured.

    So, Namecheap provides a great deal on the SSL certificate. You can get up to a 17% discount on the 5 yearly purchases of SSL certificates.

    • PositiveSSL for your website at $5.99/yr [14% Off]
    • PositiveSSL Wildcard at $14.99/yr [14% Off]
    • EssentialSSL at $9.99/yr [17% Off]
    • EV SSL at $38.88/yr. [17%Off]

    Get Namecheap FastVPN for free [100% Off]

    Security is not only important for our website, even security needs on our local network. So, we can browse the web safer. Virtual Private Network or VPN encrypts our local network and changes our IP address so that no one can track us.

    Namecheap provides the best deals on their FastVPN plans, new users can get a free trial for a month or you can choose their annual plan, which cost $9.88 per year.

    Namecheap Domain Regular Pricing [Updated]

    Namecheap is primarily known for its affordable pricing. Namecheap is trusted by over two million happy customers when we talk about domain registration.

    You can buy most of the Top-level domains (TLD) or Second-level domains on Namecheap at the lowest price. If you see the pricing of Namecheap domain registrations’ regular price, you can find them is very affordable than others.

    Namecheap domain registrations cost you the following amount:

    Extension Registration Renewal
    .COM $13.98 $7.98*$13.98
    .NET $12.98 $9.88* $14.98
    .ORG$12.98 $7.98*$14.98
    .CO$23.98 $3.98$25.98
    .DEV $14.98 $11.48* $16.98
    .ME$18.98 $4.98$18.98
    .APP $14.98 $13.98* $16.98
    .IN$7.98 $3.98$9.98
    .XYZ $10.98 $1.00* $12.98
    *All pricing is based on sales, it could be varied over time.

    Namecheap’s domain renewal is also very low compared to most of the others like GoDaddy or Hostinger, etc.

    Namecheap Hosting Pricing [Updated]

    Namecheap also provides excellent Shared, Cloud, and Dedicated VPS hosting at an affordable price. Namecheap is primarily known for being the cheapest domain name, but Namecheap also provides great deals on its web hosting plans.

    Namecheap powers over 1.5 million websites with their happy customers. In shared hosting, Namecheap provides three plans, one is for beginners second is for small businesses, and the third is for large businesses.

    Namecheap Shared Hosting

    Get Namecheap shared hosting plans at an affordable price. Namecheap currently providing 61% Off on its shared hosting plan.

    Namecheap has three shared hosting plans considered from three different perspectives. For the beginner, Namecheap has the cheapest plan for small businesses and large business plans, and these two are a little expensive compared to beginner startup plans.

    StellarStellar PlusStellar Business
    Price$3.88 $1.43/mo. $5.88 $2.31/mo.$9.88 $4.98/mo.
    Annual Cost$17.16* [63% OFF]$27.72* [61% OFF] $58.88* [50% OFF]
    Storage20GB SSDUnmetered SSD50GB SSD
    Website3 WebsitesUnlimited WebsitesUnlimited Websites
    Free Domain1 Year Free Domain1 Year Free Domain 1 Year Free Domain
    CDNFree CDNFree CDNFree CDN
    FTP50 FTP UsersUnlimited FTP UsersUnlimited FTP Users
    Subdomain30 SubdomainUnlimited SubdomainUnlimited Subdomain
    Control PanelcPanel + 100+ AppscPanel + 100+ AppscPanel + 100+ Apps
    PHPLatest PHPLatest PHPLatest PHP
    MigrationFree Migration Free Migration Free Migration
    BackupAuto BackupAuto Backup
    Storage typeCloud Storage
    NameserverPersonal Nameserver
    *Renewal prices are different for all plans.

    All plans are including with some extra benefits: –

    • Unmetered Bandwidth
    • Free Website Builder
    • Domain Name with protection
    • Free SSL Certificates
    • Free Namecheap CDN
    • Personalized Email Services
    • 30-day money-back guarantee
    • Free Migration

    Namecheap Managed WordPress Hosting

    Managed WordPress hosting is a highly optimized Web hosting only for WordPress CMS. If you want to build a blazing-fast WordPress blog or website, you can choose managed WordPress Hosting. This type is 3x faster than regular shared web hosting.

    Namecheap gives its highly optimized WordPress hosting with a limited discount, or you can take the managed WordPress hosting at $0.1 (Starter Plan) for the first month.

    Must Read:- Namecheap's EasyWP Managed WordPress Hosting Review.

    Namecheap has three plans for their managed WordPress hosting: –

    EasyWP Starter EasyWP Turbo EasyWP Supersonic
    Price$4.88/mo. [1st Month Free]$8.88/mo. [1st Month Free] $13.88/mo. [1st Month Free]
    Yearly Cost$34.88 $17.44 [23% Off]$78.88 $26.88 [50% Off]$108.88 $54.88 [50% Off]
    Storage10GB SSD50GB SSD Storage100GB SSD Storage
     Traffic50k/mo. Visitors200k/mo. Visitors500k/mo. Visitors
     CPU1.5x more CPU2x more CPU
     Memory1.5x more RAM2x more RAM
     CDNFree CDNFree CDN
     SSLFree SSLFree SSL
    *The renewal prices are different for all these plans: Starter- $29.88, Turbo- $68.88, and Supersonic- $98.88.

    All Managed WordPress Hosting plans are included with some extra benefits: –

    • WordPress installation in under 30 seconds
    • Hosted on Namecheap Cloud
    • Scalable
    • 3x Faster than regular web hosting
    • Use any domain name
    • Highly secured server
    • Easy backup and restore
    • SFTP, Database access, CDN, SSL, and much more.

    Namecheap EasyWP is the best-managed WordPress hosting provider because EasyWP is the fastest and most affordable in terms of price. You can see the chart below.

    Fastest WordPress Hosting Chart, Namecheap EasyWP, GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting, Bluehost Managed WordPress Hosting, WP Engine Managed WordPress Hosting.

    This chart shows EasyWP, Bluehost, GoDaddy, WP Engine, and Kinsta managed WordPress hosting’s full load time, latency, and prices. If we compare all three modules for EasyWP with others, then we got Namecheap EasyWP is very fast and affordable.

    Pricing Comparisions  of Managed WordPress Hosting

    Namecheap Reseller Hosting [Updated Pricing]

    Reseller Hosting is great if you want to come to a Web hosting selling business. You can buy reseller hosting plans from Namecheap, and you can re-sell the hosting plan to your clients.

    They have been providing the best value plans for your hosting business starter. Namecheap has three plans for the reseller.

    There are details of the plans: –

    Nebula Galaxy Expert Universe Pro
    Price$19.88 $17.88$39.88 $36.88$58.88 $55.88
    Yearly Cost$214.56 [10% Off]$442.56 [8% Off]$670.56 [5% Off]
    cPanel Accounts25 cPanel accounts100 cPanel accounts150 cPanel accounts
     Storage30 GB SSD90 GB SSD150 GB SSD
     WHMCSWHMCS Starter
    *Renewal is also the same as the yearly cost.

    Namecheap reseller hosting plans includes some extra benefits: –

    • Unmetered bandwidth
    • Free Domain name
    • Free cPanel/WHM
    • 30-day money-back guarantee

    Namecheap VPS Hosting [Updated Pricing]

    Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a more powerful hosting service than other traditional shared hostings. It is also costly compared to shared web hosting. But Namecheap VPS Hosting is cheap compared to the current value in the market.

    Namecheap has two plans for VPS Hosting: –

    Pulsar Quasar
    Price$11.88 $9.88 [17% OFF]$19.88 $17.88 [10% OFF]
    Yearly Cost$140.88$235.88
    CPU2 Cores CPU4 Cores CPU
     Memory2 GB RAM6 GB RAM
     Storage40 GB SSD RAID 10120 GB SSD RAID 10
     Bandwidth1000 GB Bandwidth3000 GB Bandwidth
    *Renewal prices are fixed as yearly costs in both plans.

    Some extra benefits of Namecheap VPS Hosting: –

    • Free .website domain name with WHOis protection
    • Full root access to the Operating system
    • Selectable Server Management
    • Top standard security
    • Free Migration from any hosting
    • 30-day money-back guarantee

    Namecheap VPS hosting price comparison: –

    Namecheap VPS hosting price comparison between GoDaddy and Bluehost

    Dedicated Hosting

    namecheap vps

    Dedicated Hosting is like a specific web hosting that is especially for you. So, no one can use it rather than you. You can choose your specific server configuration like CPU cores, RAM, SSD or HDD, CPU type, and much more.

    Namecheap has an amazing deal if you are looking for the best and cheap Dedicated Hosting compared to others. You can save an extra 22% of the cost of regular prices.

    Namecheap has many Dedicated hosting configurations, you can check out their website, and if you are interested, you can benefit from a 22% discount.

    Namecheap Professional Email Hosting Services

    Pricing is updated for all email hosting plans. According to previous pricing Namecheap a little bit increases their pricing. Perhaps you can get a 60-days free trial of their premium email services.

    Namecheap provides fast and secured email hosting services at the lowest price. Namecheap has three plans for Email Hosting.

    Yearly Cost$14.88 $10.50 [29% Off]$38.88 $22.50 [42% Off]$68.88 $34.50 [50% Off]
    Mailboxes1 mailbox3 mailboxes5 mailboxes
    Email Storage5 GB for emails3 0GB for emails75 GB for emails
     File Storage2 GB for files15 GB for files30 GB for files
     Sync– Full sync supportFull sync support
     Office Element– – Office Elements
     Add. Services – –Premium services
    *Renewal prices are different for each plan.

    Namecheap private email services plans are included with: –

    • Domain-based email
    • Unified Inbox
    • Anti-spam protection
    • POP/IMAP/Webmail access
    • Signature’s supports
    • Two Factor Authentication for security
    • Mobile Support

    Namecheap Features

    Namecheap have some great feature that are also free of cost and others charge a high amount of cash. Of course, Namecheap also has some paid features but is affordable and cheap.

    There is a list of Namecheap features: –

    • Free DNS services
    • Free URL forwarding
    • Free Supersonic CDN
    • Free Migration charge for Hosting migration
    • Free Logo maker
    • Free Symantec Swap
    • Free Canvas site builder
    • Free Web Uptime monitor
    • Free Domain transfer between different Namecheap accounts
    • Free Who Is Guard for every domain.
    • Very affordable and transparent price.
    • Easy-to-use user interface
    • Free a Domain name and SSL certificates with every hosting plan
    • Free VPN (only for the first month)
    Must read: Is Hostinger is Better Alternatve of Namecheap? Check out the review.

    Why Should You Buy from Namecheap?

    You are looking for affordable, fast, and cheapest Web hosting and domain name. Namecheap provides all these affordable, fast, and cheapest features, but you are still confused about buying from Namecheap.

    Here is some valid reason to buy from Namecheap over others: –

    24×7 Chat Support

    Namecheap has 24×7 chat support and a huge collection of support materials like User manuals, documentation, and even a blog. If you are not satisfied with any documentation or you want help from a technician, then you can hit the support button on the Namecheap website, and they will defiantly provide support.

    Free Hosting Migration

    If you purchase any of their web hosting plans, you will get a free migration from your old hosting. Most web hosting charges a huge amount for only this work.

    Free CDN and SSL certificates

    Namecheap provides free Supersonic CND (Content Delivery Network) and SSL certificates for free when purchasing a web hosting plan from Namecheap.

    Even Namecheap gives up to 50GB of CDN uses without buying any hosting plan from them. If you buy any of the shared web hosting plans, you will get unlimited Supersonic CDN uses.

    Free access to Cloudflare from Namecheap cPanel

    You can directly access your Cloudflare services from Namecheap cPanel.

    PROs and CONs of Namecheap

    Similarly, Namecheap also has PROs and CONs. PROs are definitely fantastic considering the cheap pricing but you can also ignore the CONs. But we hope near future Namecheap fix these cons.

    👍 Free Whois Guard With Every Domain👎 Only Three Server Locations
    👍 Free SSL Certificates With Hosting👎 Hosting Renewal is High
    👍 Free Hosting Migration👎 Limitation with Shared hosting
    👍 24*7 Live Chat Support 
    👍 Affordable services compared to others 
    👍 Free Supersonic CDN 
    👍 Affordable Managed WordPress Hosting 


    Why NameCheap?

    NameCheap is a reputed hosting and domain provider since 2001. NameCheap is an ICANN-certified company. NameCheap provides 24×7 Support through Live Chat Support. NameCheap provides a free domain name for academic students.

    Are NameCheap Hosting services reliable?

    Yes. It depends on your requirements. NameCheap provides three types of shared hosting and Private VPS or Dedicated hosting services. If your requirement is high and you purchase the lower-cost services, then probably NameCheap hosting services aren’t reliable.

    Is NameCheap provides free SSL Certificates?

    Yes. NameCheap provides 50 Positive SSL Certificates on every hosting plan purchase. Without any hosting services, NameCheap will cost you SSL certificates.

    Which is better GoDaddy and NameCheap?

    They are both great on their respective points and seasonal specific. In the case of hosting, then NameCheap is definitely the winner. NameCheap provides low-cost and reliable hosting plans, the most reliable plans for beginners who want to start their website.

    How to get a free domain from NameCheap?

    NameCheap provides a free .me domain for a year for academic students and those who have a .edu email. You need to fill in the details and verify their academic email address, and you will get the domain name.


    Our final thought is that if you are looking for the cheapest web hosting and domain name, Namecheap is for you. Namecheap is a fully trustable company you can rely on them.

    Namecheap is the only company that is registered with ICANN, and Namecheap supports many NGOs for Child development and others.

    If you come to last here, then just give it a try at or if you have any suggestions or problems, throw them in the comment box.

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